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Accommodation in San Gimignano Tuscany

Enjoy a holiday in the charming accomodation in San Gimignano and treat yourself to a great journey through the Middle Ages in the heart of Tuscany.
Famous all over the world for its towers, the town certainly deserves a visit. And the best way is definitely a stay in our hotel in San Gimignano in the city center.

Walking the streets of San Gimignano is much more than going from Piazza della Cisterna to Piazza del Duomo, or from Palazzo del Popolo to Torre Grossa (though these are perfect to visit of course!); it is also and above all about getting the feel of a town that promotes tourism as a dynamic living reality: stroll around market stalls, discover our modern art galleries.
Ask about theme tours and learn about past and present history and traditions or about religious pilgrimage from an expert local guide. Take the time to have a drink in a local bar and watch the busy life of present-day inhabitants as they attend to their daily activities.

Accommodation in San Gimignano in Tuscany offers many solutions for families with children of all ages, groups and couples. You will find that somehow here history carries on living and revealing its secrets to attentive travellers and careful visitors. Discover and enjoy the true beauty and wealth of this Unesco world heritage, treat yourself to a holiday you will remember.

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