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Holidays and accommodation in San Gimignano

Few places in Tuscany – and dare I say in Italy – can boast such a successful blend of tradition and modernism as San Gimignano. Famous through the Middles Ages as a pilgrim stop-over place, the town’s past prosperity can still be admired in its superbly preserved and maintained monuments and artistic treasures, while at the same time quality modern standards can be experienced in all aspects of daily life.

The local wine and olive oil industry bears witness to genuine tradition and valuable modern techniques. And accommodation in San Gimignano in Tuscany is no exception, with historical palaces becoming great hotels in the city center of San Gimignano. Fortification walls, towers, squares, churches, narrow streets, every corner is imbued with medieval atmosphere to be enjoyed at ease. Yet you can be sure to find dynamic hospitality, comfort, quality services and last but not least a wide choice of fine food and wines.

This is what hotels in San Gimignano strive to offer: elegance and convenience in idyllic settings. Whether you decide for a family holiday or a romantic break, your stay in this Unesco site will be an unforgettable opportunity to experience an extremely rich heritage combined with present-day amenities, which everyone is happy to share.

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