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Holidays in San Gimignano: offers hotel in Tuscany

Who says there is more to Tuscany than Florence and Siena? Visitors to San Gimignano!
The medieval town perching on a hill in the middle of stunning Tuscan countryside of vineyards and olive groves. The town’s greatest asset is its towers: fourteen of them have survived out of the seventy-two original ones, making the most distinctive skyline you can possibly imagine. But there is so much more still!

Any season is perfect to plan a holiday or a weekend in San Gimignano in Tuscany and discover its treasures of art and culture dating back to its Golden Age, (12th – 14th century). Admire frescoes in the Collegiate church and in Palazzo del Popolo, climb to the top of  Torre Grossa and see the town at your feet and marvelous landscape afar. Whether you are planning a long stay or a short break, choose one of our classy hotels in San Gimignano in the city center and enjoy the atmosphere of a busy market place.

Here ancient glory successfully combines with present-day activity in a unique way that is best seen in sectors like wine-making and olive oil extraction. Our charming accommodation in San Gimignano in Italy is also a perfect blend of tradition and modernism.

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