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Last minute hotels San Gimignano

What are you doing next week-end? Fancy a glass of white Vernaccia wine in Piazza della Cisterna in San Gimignano?
Or take part in a picturesque Carnival?
Thanks to the many last minute hotels San Gimignano, visiting or returning visitors to this fantastic town can appreciate its history and character again and again. You can fly from many cities like London, Munich, Amsterdam to Pisa or Florence airport then take a bus and be here in a few hours.

Visit our website and find out about special offer accommodation San Gimignano in the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site and start planning your trip now!

Enjoy a stroll along the narrow streets of the old town, stop and visit a church or an art gallery, climb up Torre Grossa and admire rooftops and rolling hills afar, order a sumptuous dinner at nightfall but above all experience the intense medieval atmosphere of towers and squares.
Late booking San Gimignano will save you lots of money you can spend on souvenirs, like ceramics or local produce, like extra virgin olive oil and .. Vernaccia wine! Stock up for a picnic and explore the surrounding countryside with the majestic skyline of towers as a backdrop.

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