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Best hotel deals in San Gimignano Tuscany

The century-old history of San Gimignano is part legend and part facts and none the less fascinating, as history passionate will know. Attentive visitors choosing fine accommodation in San Gimignano in Tuscany can still admire the remains of prehistoric settlements. Howover it is in the XII century that San Gimignano can be said to have lived its Golden Age.

From a hilltop village on the Francigena way, where pilgrims would stop on their way to Rome, mainly from France, it developed into a free Commune. This was the onset of great tower building activity, as a sign of power, and according to a very eclectic style that is so peculiar to San Gimignano.

Later, lower but not less prestigious buildings were added, and are known as Palazzi. In fact some hotels in San Gimignano in the city centre are original historical palaces that have preserved all their charm and character. In 1353, the town was placed under the control of neighbouring Florence, and it started to decline but remaining towers still testify its glorious past.
Nowadays resources mainly come from vineyards and in particular Vernaccia Wine as well as tourism. Hotel packages in san gimignano Tuscany provide a great opportunity to explore the town.