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Best hotels late deals in San Gimignano in Tuscany

Time does seem to have stopped in San Gimignano, giving the modern traveler a unique chance to step into a medieval world of great beauty and intense “metaphysical” experience. Book your late deals hotel in San Gimignano, and share your views of San Gimignano.

This was certainly the opinion of great film directors who chose to set some of their films in San Gimignano, like Franco Zeffirelli: “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” in 1971 and “Tea with Mussolini” in 1999. Cinema buffs might also agree that Marcel L’Herbier’s 1926 loose adaptation of Pirandello’s “Il fu Mattia Pascal” gains much of its aura from towers and ramparts scenes. All this to say that one must definitely visit the town at least once in one’s life!

Hotel packages in San Gimignano Tuscany provide an ideal means to exploring this fascinating part of the world. For a truly enjoyable stay, it is best to choose one of the hotels in San Gimignano city centre so as to get a real feel of the place. Stroll the narrow streets, discover hidden corners. Climb to tower Grossa rooftop. Admire the frescoes of Saint Fina Church. Stand in front of the Duomo (cathedral) and imagine life in the Middles Ages.