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Week end San Gimignano Tuscany

We look forward to your visit in our charming accommodation in San Gimignano: the walled town that became famous throughout the Middles Ages as a stop-over place for Pilgrims on the Francigena Way, to and from Rome.
Out of the 72 original towers built by rivalling families as a way to establish their power, 14 have survived, along with many palaces and churches of great medieval architectural value owing the historic centre to be listed Unesco World Heritage in 1990.
And for a great week end in San Gimignano in Tuscany, the best choice is to book an hotel near the city center in San Gimignano. Stroll the narrow streets to and from Piazza della Cisterna, Piazza Duomo, Piazza Pecori and Piazza delle Erbe and enjoy a fascinating visit through history.
Well-stocked convenient souvenir shops abound as well as wine cellars, restaurants and bars. Visit quieter hilltop castle or Rocca for stunning views of the whole city and enchanting Tuscan countryside. Discover how San Gimignano present-day inhabitants value their flourishing past as well as buoyant modern life.
Do not miss cultural events: town centre hotels san gimignano provide great opportunities to make the most of your short break, from dawn to sunset.
If you are travelling with children, treat the family to a visit to San Gimignano 1300 Art Centre, and make your stay unforgettable in this truly unique medieval town.