Our mission

We live and work in one of the most important UNESCO heritage sites in Tuscany and the entire Italian territory.

The awareness of this responsibility in being an active and representative part of the tourist experience is a challenge that we accept with passion and an honor that has been with us for many years now, with a view to continuous systemic collaboration with anyone who shares our development model and protection of the territorial heritage.

One of the cornerstones on which our association is founded is the spread of the culture of hospitality, which is able to enhance the local identity and develop excellent services, to allow the guest not to lose the countless resources offered by a very rich territory for a rewarding holiday and an authentic experience of local life.

Our professional goal is aimed at a continuous updating of our structures for an effective sustainability of the territory and its protection.

This is why spending a holiday or just a few days in the hotels of San Gimignano allows the guest to have professionalism, competence and kindness in front of him, to experience the feeling of not being passing through but feeling accompanied by the hand through the beauties. and the excellences of our territory, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the first doc wine of Italy, Saffron, cultivated since the Middle Ages, as well as discovering the most beautiful points where you can admire our city and hidden paths through the vineyards of Vernaccia and Chianti.

In our hotels scattered throughout the San Gimignano area you will always find a smile and professionalism to ensure an unforgettable holiday.